Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our City

Austin and I have been studying about our city this past week. We went to the library and picked up some great books on Council Bluffs. Some of those old pictures are just amazing. It really caught Austin's attention when he saw an old picture of a church that was around in the 1880's that still stands close by our house today, and all the old cars and stores that were near it.
Since the railroad helped to establish our city, we took a field trip to the Railroad Museum. It was a lot of fun. I think Austin really enjoyed it. They had one section that was like a train simulator. You sat in the engineer's seat, and looked out the train windows and it looked like you were really driving the train through a city! After we left there, we went to Bayliss Park and sat by the new fountain.
The first picture is Austin working on the keyboard with his eye gaze system. I think he is getting a little better with the smaller targets. He has just started typing out some of his reading words.
This kid likes games, games, games. Board games, computer games, online games, video games. He even likes to watch GSN - The gameshow network! We've been playing bingo with reading words and Roxie's Reading Fish, Willie Watchdog, and some Math computer games. He LOVES these all!


weavermom said...

Found you from the Weaver Blog Ring. What a fun site! I'm glad that the city study is capturing his attention. :)

MindiLou said...

Hi Teresa! WOW! Austin is doing GREAT!! I am so happy that things are going well! I sure do miss my Austy tho. As for Bloomer, well I will call you on that to explain! AHHH

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