Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Mom in Heaven

Kevin's mom (my mil), Loraine (but we called her Leak), passed away on Monday. She was the sweetest most outgoing woman I had ever met. She told me once that she was shy when she was younger, but I didn't believe her. She could strike up a conversation with anybody. She was very sweet and loving. She used to swaddle up my kids when they were babies and rock and rock them. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about...8 years ago...maybe a little longer. She did very well up until about the last year or so. Then she slowly forgot who we were and became a little more fragile. We've missed her for awhile now, and now even more. But she no longer has to be confused or afraid, she is at peace in her new loving home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freezing Cold, Lingering Flu, and Hair Cut Too!

The temperature at daybreak today was -8 I think. I don't know what the windshield was for sure, but they were predicting -24. Schools were closed. Amber was so broken hearted.

Austin's been coughing up a storm. The thick gunky stuff. I feel so bad for him because he can't just hack it up and spit it out like we can (gross, sorry). Yesterday he did pretty good, but last night his temp went way up again and he began to vomit. Then he coughed all night and didn't get much sleep. He stayed in bed most of the day today watching movies and dozing on and off.

I got a new "do" today. Amber watched Austin while I went for a haircut. It was nice to get out for awhile, even if it was zero degrees!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Its the Flu

We took Austin to the ER last night because his temperature had been running up to 104, and he had started vomiting. He tested positive for influenza! We are thankful that it wasn't a blazing infection. We are also thankful we didn't have to check in to another room upstairs!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thermometer Madness

I decided after we got home from the hospital that I would only take Austin's temperature before bed or if he looks not so good. Otherwise I was driving myself crazy getting different temperature readings on different thermometers, or in different ears, or from different arm pits! AND because at the hospital they told me they thought my thermometer was wrong. Before he went in his temps were 101+. In the hospital they were only 100+. But after we got home they were 100+ here too.

Well tonight, Austin is looking flushed and acting a bit crabby. I decide I better take his temperature. The ear thermometer says 102.1. The digital under the arm says 101.6 (which means 102.6). The forehead thermometer says 101.9. Ahhhhhhh! Which one is right? Actually these are closer to each other than they sometimes are. I can use them all again and I'll get a different reading for each one again. It drives me crazy. IT IS MADDENING!!!

Thank you my Electrician Man...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Austin and I joined in on a Valentine Swap with an online homeschool group I belong to. Austin made some Disney/Pixar valentines up and also sent out candy. I decided to make my own, and took a couple pictures above. I think I did pretty good considering I've never made my own cards before. I had a few extra, so I sent one to my new friend, my Aunt in California, and to my Grandma.

Austin is doing good. He is back to his adaptive P.E./Life Skills classes, and he is also back to full-time homeschooling. He still tends to get warm before bed time. His temperature averages about 100.5 before bed. I haven't heard anything back yet on his IBD panel.

Amber informs me she has two dates tomorrow night. Hmmmnnn. I wonder how she is going to pull this off?

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Austin's Photoblog

Thanks to another wonderful idea from my friend Laurie, we have started a photoblog for Austin. We will be posting pictures, and Austin will be writing about them. Our first one went very well. Austin typed using the onscreen keyboard. He typed the words he knew all by himself, and he got help from me on the spelling of words he didn't know. Pleave leave him a comment if you get a chance. I know he will LOVE getting comments!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy and Sad

We got to come home from the hospital last night. Austin's bone scan and CT scans were considered normal. This is good right? And I am happy. But then why am I sad?

Because I know something is wrong and I don't know what it is. His temperature spikes are down to 100 degrees. According to the hospital this is not considered a fever. That is good right? But it is still not normal is it? His sed rate and CRP are down, and that is good right? But they still are not normal.

One of the rheumatology tests were elevated; a test for inflammatory bowel disease. They came and took more blood before we left. This was for an IBD panel which will be sent away to another lab. But, the rheumatologist said the normal symptoms for IBD are stomach pain and diarrhea. Austin has neither. And this is good right? And I am happy.

But I am sad.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I wanted to share the voice mail I got from my niece, Mia. I wish I could put the actual recording on here because she has the sweetest little voice. Mia is 5 years old, and she is a triplet to her sister Makayla and her brother Garrett. was her message to me:

DEAR Teresa...Um

This is Mia. And...

I love you.


What is your cat name?

Send back a message.



What a sweet pea. She sounded as if she was writing me a letter!

Sign on the Door

I've decided I'm going to put a sign on the outside of Austin's door:

Austin went under anesthesia yesteday while they did a full-body bone scan and CT scans of the hips and spine. He was downstairs quite a long time. So....we are hoping, and I mean really HOPING, they have some answers for us today!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yep, we're back

Yep, we're back at Children's. Austin's fevers continue. Actually, he is fine during the day (around 99 degrees). At night they get up to 101-102. Very strange isn't it? The rheumatologist came in last night. He ordered some blood work to test for lupus, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis. But upon physical exam, he didn't think these looked likely. Austin has been having more pain in his hips and/or lower back, so we went down for x-rays this morning. So....we wait some more...until we get test results...and hopefully answers???

Afternoon addendum: More tests are ordered for tomorrow; a CT scan and a bone scan.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Remembering Mom

Tomorrow marks the 4th anniversary since my mom passed away from lung cancer. She was only 59 years old. She was the best mom in the whole world.

My mom married my Dad when she was only 18 years old. She stayed home with us kids as we were growing up. She kept an immaculate house, sewed us clothes, cut our hair, was a fantastic cook, planted flowers, got us where we needed to go. HOW she managed to get all this done is beyond me. I couldn't do it in a million years. Of course, I didn't realize how amazing this was until I got married and became a mother of two myself. I've failed miserably at trying to accomplish all she did. She went back to work when we were older, and worked her way up from secretary to site planning for the Corps of Engineers. Soon, on top of being amazing mother, she was also an amazing grandmother. She was there for all of us as our babies were being born. She was always with us as we trekked through the pumpkin patch, hunted for Easter eggs, or just went shopping. She sewed clothes for the grandkids, and she had big family meals. She was the most honest and trusting person I have ever known. I loved her so much and I miss her terribly.

p.s. I think I've aged a little since my wedding picture!

Friday, February 1, 2008

A little out of control with the clippers...

Okay so I got a little out of control with the clippers today. But you should have seen Austin's hair when he got out of the hospital. Ewwwww. Of course, he didn't get a good shampoo for a whole week, plus we missed our 6-week hair trim. Since he will be going back to the hospital on Monday, I decided I better cut it myself. I did this this morning before his temp got too high.

I also had to break the news to Austin last night about going back. He insisted I turn the calendar over to February. I had his P.E./Life Skills days marked on the calendar, and I had to cross them off. He looked at me like..??? So I had to explain. I asked him if it made him sad, and he said yes. But, overall, he took it well. I told him we have to figure out why he keeps having fevers so that he can feel better. He understands. But I wonder if he wonders why nobody else has to stay in the hospital six times a year!

Sammy...Go...Fetch...Hop, Hop, Hop


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