Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hospital Update

Well here it is Sunday the 28th, and we still do not know much of anything. We do know that his blood cultured out to show staph or a couple other different bugs. They took him off his first antibiotic and started a new IV antibiotic. But he has still been running fevers so they added another IV antibiotic on top of that. Austin says he has no pain anywhere. Neurosurgery came in to see if it might have anything to do with his baclofen pump...but they didn't think so. Surgery came in to look at a small cyst he has on his rear end...but they didn't think that was the source of his problem. All abdomen and chest x-rays looked fine. They ordered spine x-rays yesterday, but it is so hard to see anything with all his spinal fusion hardware in there. Orthopedics just came in and they are ordering a bone scan and a MRI of his pelvis tomorrow.

Austin was going to be a policeman for Halloween. He was so excited. But I'm afraid he will still be here. Does anyone have any good ideas to make Halloween fun in the hospital? I was thinking maybe he could take candy to other patients dressed up, but I don't think they would let him because he still has fevers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hospital Again

Well, Austin and I are in the hospital AGAIN. He has been running a high fever since Sunday night and started vomiting Monday. When I took him to the doctor yesterday, he didn't have any other symptoms besides pain when he pressed on his belly. So the doctor sent us to the hospital to rule out appendicitis. Thankfully, he does not have appendicitis. They did find an ear infection today. I'm not sure why the three different docs who looked in his ears yesterday didn't notice? But anyway, he is now getting IV fluids and antibiotics. He is still vomiting and pretty miserable. Seems to me to be more than an ear infection? Maybe he has a flu bug or something too.

So here he lies in bed and here I sit. Oh it is so-oo-oo boring! This day has been so-oo-oo long!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chugging Along

Austin and I just finished Unit 2 of our Weaver Curriculum on Sound/Communication/Language(Lapbook posted above). The lapbooks are a lot of work but Austin sure loves looking at them and seeing all that he has learned.

We are taking a break from our Edmark Reading. Austin seems to have reached a point where there is no more room for memorizing new words! They just aren't sticking as well lately and he seems less interested in the program. So we are taking a break and practicing what we've learned so far with Bingo, Roxie's Reading Fish, A Dice Game, Word Bowling. We are having lots of fun. It is a nice change.

We bought a toy cash register at the new Kohl's store. Oh boy is he loving that. It came with sticker "codes" you can put on toys and ring them up with the scanner. It came with play bills and coins and even a credit card. His favorite of all, it came with a microphone. He has to announce the daily specials over the intercom and he has to call the manager when we are having trouble with our scanner! It has been great help in learning coin values.

Amber got her first speeding ticket a few weeks ago. Then she got in her first little accident about a week later. She now says she is never driving again. Hmmnnn. So far she hasn't either. Her friend has picked her up for school every day since.

Special Olympics - Bowling

Last Wednesday was Southwest Iowa's Bowling Special Olympics. Austin did great! He bowls with a ramp. We line up the ramp and set the ball on for him, then he pushes it off the ramp. Dad helped him with his first game, he got a 111. Then Dad had to go back to work. Mom helped on his second game and it went a little downhill...75..."Dad, come back!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weaver Volume 1 - Unit 1 Lapbook

We just finished Unit 1 of Weaver! I'm posting pictures of our lapbook!

Sammy...Go...Fetch...Hop, Hop, Hop


Lapbook Unit 2