Monday, October 15, 2007

Chugging Along

Austin and I just finished Unit 2 of our Weaver Curriculum on Sound/Communication/Language(Lapbook posted above). The lapbooks are a lot of work but Austin sure loves looking at them and seeing all that he has learned.

We are taking a break from our Edmark Reading. Austin seems to have reached a point where there is no more room for memorizing new words! They just aren't sticking as well lately and he seems less interested in the program. So we are taking a break and practicing what we've learned so far with Bingo, Roxie's Reading Fish, A Dice Game, Word Bowling. We are having lots of fun. It is a nice change.

We bought a toy cash register at the new Kohl's store. Oh boy is he loving that. It came with sticker "codes" you can put on toys and ring them up with the scanner. It came with play bills and coins and even a credit card. His favorite of all, it came with a microphone. He has to announce the daily specials over the intercom and he has to call the manager when we are having trouble with our scanner! It has been great help in learning coin values.

Amber got her first speeding ticket a few weeks ago. Then she got in her first little accident about a week later. She now says she is never driving again. Hmmnnn. So far she hasn't either. Her friend has picked her up for school every day since.


weavermom said...

Wow - the lapbook looks so nice! :) You guys did a great job.

My dd's favorite part of our cash register toy is the microphone too!

I feel so bad for Amber! I have driving "issues" too. It's very easy to allow that fear to take control of you - it's been a struggle for me for about 11 years. Maybe she could at least go to a empty parking lot? :) I'll be praying that her feelings are a short phase!! :)

Laura@lifedreamed said...

poor girl - i hope she feels better soon.

love the idea of the cash register, thanks! i'll definately have to try that when it comes time to teach money.

team gesink said...

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