Friday, February 1, 2008

A little out of control with the clippers...

Okay so I got a little out of control with the clippers today. But you should have seen Austin's hair when he got out of the hospital. Ewwwww. Of course, he didn't get a good shampoo for a whole week, plus we missed our 6-week hair trim. Since he will be going back to the hospital on Monday, I decided I better cut it myself. I did this this morning before his temp got too high.

I also had to break the news to Austin last night about going back. He insisted I turn the calendar over to February. I had his P.E./Life Skills days marked on the calendar, and I had to cross them off. He looked at me like..??? So I had to explain. I asked him if it made him sad, and he said yes. But, overall, he took it well. I told him we have to figure out why he keeps having fevers so that he can feel better. He understands. But I wonder if he wonders why nobody else has to stay in the hospital six times a year!


Linda Tolle said...

Hey Austin, you look like one COOL DUDE, with that haircut!! Mom did a good job. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, but you hang in there and let those Doctors figure out what is going on so you can get back into FAST GEAR. Hey if you are looking for email friends, I'd sure be happy to have you put me in your address book. My primary email address is Brian and I miss seeing you at Christmas. Austin, I hope you get to feeling better soon. It isn't fun to feel bad, and have to stay in the hospital. As a nurse, I can tell you this... while you're in the hospital Nurses love to be teased. Teasing them should help pass the time. Take care buddy. Let us know how you are doing. Linda Tolle (Brian's wife)

Linda Tolle said...

Hey Austin, you look like one COOL DUDE with that hair cut!!! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hang in there and the doctors will figure out what is going on, and you'll be back in fast gear. Take care my man. Hey, if you are looking for an email pal, I'd be happy to be in your contacts list. My primary email is Brian and I miss seeing you at Christmas. Hang in there. Linda Tolle (Brian's wife).

Linda Tolle said...

Sorry for the double comment, I had a long moment of computer illiteracy, and somehow it went through twice. Actually I just want Austin to know I really mean it:0)

Sharon said...

Austin, one of our sons spent a LOT of time in the hospital for a few years (sometimes weeks at time). One of the things he enjoyed doing is getting a HUMUNGOUS plastic syringe - fill it with water and sometime surprise the nurses when they came in the room. :)

I would try to get him a bag of small baloons (and use his nebuliser to air them up if he was using one) then after they were all blown up, I'd tape the baloons in the shape of his name onto one of the walls of his hospital room.

We also blew a LOT of bubbles. It helped to pass the time.

I'm sorry that you need to be admitted again, but I ask God to help you to feel better very soon.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Poor Austin! We are praying for you.

Britton has enjoyed you posting to his blog. Thanks for doing that when you don't feel well.

We understand how hard this is, because he was in/out of the hospital the first five years of his life. It was not an easy time. :-(

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