Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home....but not for long

Because Austin did not have a high temp for the previous 48 hours and his CRP and sed rate had come down some, we got to come home yesterday.

The doctor sent me home with a chart to keep track of his temperature. At 5:00 it was 99 degrees. He acted fine. I put him in bed about 8:30 because he was yawning and yawning. I went back in a couple hours later to check on him, and his temp was up to 102.2! I couldn't believe it! He had a normal temp for the last two days, and then we come home and he spikes a temp.

I talked to the doctor today, and he thinks he needs to see a rheumatologist. Unfortunately, the pediatric rheumaatologist for the hospital is backed up until mid March. He is also out of town until Monday. The doctor wants to admit Austin back into the hospital on Monday so he can be seen by the rheumatologist quickly, as an inpatient.

I have not told this to Austin. He is so happy to be home. I just keep taking his temp and smiling. Last reading was 101.5.


Laurie said...

Ohhh.... it makes my heart hurt to think of a very, very tired mom smiling for the sake of her child, knowing she's got some "not so happy" news about going back to the hospital.

Praying for you both!!

molly said...

I did not know that Austin was back in the hopsital. Sorry I am not real good about getting to my e-mail. I will start praying..Please let me know what else I can do for all of you.

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