Saturday, January 26, 2008

Waiting and Confused

We finally made it up to a real room on the fifth floor last night! Yoo hoo! I took a nice long shower this morning while Austin slept. It was so nice and quiet and dark last night...we both slept good.

Infectious Disease came in last night and said his other culture has not grown any staph yet, and he doesn't think Austin has a staph infection. His IV was going bad, and the doctor said to just discontinue the antibiotics because he doesn't feel this is staph. He said there are a couple of different viruses that could effect his blood levels like this. They want to just wait and observe and take more blood. Austin had a pretty good day yesterday. His temp was average around 101.

This morning the Orthopedic doctor came in and said he is having a "discussion" with Infectious Disease because he DOES believe this is a spine infection problem. The blood test that tells them if he has inflammation is worse now than when he came in. He thinks he SHOULD be on antibiotics. But, he says, we need to let them rule out their different things. They both decided they would like another test that actually looks for infection IN the bones. They called down to schedule this; however, it cannot be done yet, so close to the other test that was done with the dye. we are...waiting and confused.

Austin had a good day. He started out at 98.4 temp this morning. He had a shower and got up into his chair and played some games. Temp then went to 99, then 100, then 100.5. This is still not bad. Hopefully it won't keep climbing. Unfortunately it is evening now, and that is when it usually starts climbing.

I picked Amber and her friend up after school yesterday and brought them over to see Austin. Then Kevin and I took them out to "Buffalo Wild Wings." Not really my thing, but Kevin and Amber love that stuff.

Amber, who is very thin, was complaining about the fat on her hips. She said she needed to go in for circumcision. What?!??! I said. Turns out she meant liposuction. Um, thats my Amber.

Karen, our supervising teacher, came up here for a visit the other night. That was such a nice surprise. His assistive tech gal, Diane, also was up here and sent up a little beanie bear. That was so thoughtful! Grandpa came up today and took me to lunch. Grandpa is so good. He knows this place almost as well as we do.

Well, gonna sign off now. Austin wants me to watch "Fat Albert" with him.


Laurie said...

Hang in there! Nevin and I are still praying for you. Glad to hear Austin was feeling a little better today. Hope you have a good night.


Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I'm still praying that you get out of there soon! Hang in there, girl!

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