Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second Home Update

Lets see....yesterday evening Austin's temp went up to 104.5. The nurse and I were putting cool wash clothes all over his body. It was crazy. The lab came up and took some more blood while he was having the high fever. His urine tested fine.

This morning he went down for his bone scan. The reason they do the bone scan is because it is the only test they can do to really see anything in his back with all the hardware in it. The radioactive dye circulates through the body, and if the dye accumulates in a certain area, this is most likely where the problem is. Well, I guess the scan showed some accumulation in his lower back, but no more than the last scan did in October. They are just not sure if this is a positive result.

There was a little accumulation on the right they wondered appendicitis? They took him down for a CAT scan of his abdomen. But no, no appendicitis.

The blood cultures did grow out some bacteria, but it took over 48 hours. I guess this could be a false result if it takes longer than 12 hours? But someone told me it takes 72 hours for a result... so, hmmnnn, I dunno ... sometimes these people just don't make sense to me! So lab came again tonight for yes, you got it, more blood.

HOWEVER, they did decide all in all, my poor suffering son does deserve some antibiotics. YEAHHHHHHHHH! So, hopefully he can start feeling better.

We are STILL in ICU in a room with no bathroom/shower. I hate it. I've begged for a room upstairs, but it isn't working. Someone told me there is a lot of kids with RSV.

And, well, that Body for Life I was working on is on hold. There is nowhere to exercise here and the only thing to do is eat.

Kevin is slow at work, so I think he might come hang out for awhile in the morning so I can go home and get a good shower.

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