Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home today Maybe?

Well, Austin's fever has been down for the last couple days and no more vomiting. His CRP and sed rate were still high yesterday, but not as bad as before. They are going to do more labs to see if those have come down more. If they have, we get to go home. Not that we know what the heck was wrong with him or is wrong with him???? Hopefully whatever it was/is, it does not return!

As I look out at this beautiful view on the sixth floor of Children's Hospital, I see fiercly blowing snow and cars crawling down the street. I walk into the bathroom of our corner suite, and it sounds like I'm in an airplane. Sigh. This will definitely be the day we get to go home.

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Laura@lifedreamed said...

i hope he starts feeling better soon.

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