Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visiting our Second Home (Hospital) Again!

Okay, so he was getting sick. At least he got a nice shopping/arcade trip in before he ended up in here again.

Sunday Austin woke up with a 101 degree temp. He stayed on the couch most of the day watching movies. Monday he slept until 11:00. Still running a fever. But he insisted on doing some school work (sometimes I think he is the teacher and I am the student). I didn't want to work, but he made me.

Around 3:00 his temperature went way up...103. I decided to take him to Children's ER. The ER was extremely busy. We finally saw the doctor at 7:00. I let them know he had no other symptoms but did have the history of staph infections. They took blood work. At 9:00 they let me know his blood work did not look good. But rather than start antibiotics, assuming it is the staph infection back, they have to follow their routine of ruling everything else out and waiting for culture results to come back in 72 HOURS! All the beds were full, so we were sent home and told to return the next morning.

Yesterday morning we got here and they STILL had no beds available so we were put in ICU. Nuclear medicine came in and gave Austin a radioactive injection. Tomorrow and Friday he will be put under anesthesia and taken down for bone scans to see where the radioactive dye is accumulating. He did pretty good yesterday. He stayed in his wheelchair and played some games on the computer. But, around 5 p.m., he started getting really warm again and got into bed. In the middle of the night he was up to 103 degrees and vomiting. It is late morning now, and he is still vomiting.

I still don't think they want to start antibiotics yet. Not until they see bone scan results or culture results. They are going to try Pedialyte now. If that doesn't stay down, than it will be IV fluids for my little man.

We are still in ICU today. I am praying for a room upstairs...with a shower...with a bathroom...with more privacy...with less beeps....with movies and with familiar faces.

On the brighter side of things, Austin has a new pen pal named Nevin. He is so excited about it. I set him up with his own email. His new pen pal likes video games and Austin thinks he is just the coolest friend ever!


ClaireBoe said...

Hi Teresa! I've visited your blog before, not knowing our other connection! How funny! I'm "ClaireMom" from you-know-where. :-)

I hope your boy is feeling better soon.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Praying for you guys! I remember the hospital scene much too well, but we haven't been there in years.

I'm so glad that you have internet access there. I killed time watching Nick @ Night and eating. The later wasn't good...

Seriously, I am really praying for healing!

Nevin is his new pen pal. That's great!

God bless your family!

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