Thursday, April 3, 2008


Can you believe it? It is truly one thing after another after another after another with this poor child.

Austin has to have another surgery. We just found out today. I took him to the pediatrician Monday because of this red spot on his scar at the lower part of his back. It is more than a red spot actually, it is bubbled up. The pediatrician thought it was infected and he called neurosurgery. They saw him today but didn't think it was an infection. Thank God. But they took a bunch of x-rays and think he has a spinal fluid leak in his catheter that goes to his baclofen pump. The skin over this bubble is getting thin and if we don't do surgery to repair the leak and the "bubble" than he will spring a leak on his own. And, THIS would lead to an infection and having to take the whole pump out etc.

As for his GI tests, they came back showing inflammation in his esophagus and in the lower part of his colon. The GI nurse said the pathology report from his biopsies was so vaque, and they need more information. They are meeting with pathology to go over the results to determine what this is and why it is happening.

Other than this, things are going great! Kevin had been slow at work, but things are really picking up. Amber finally got her driver's license back and is happy she did not have to take a test. She is getting ready for prom and for her dance recital next month. And now that the official school year is coming to an end I've been going over what we have accomplished this year in homeschool. Homeschooling truly has just been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Austin has learned so much, and he is so much fun. I feel very blessed that I'm in a positon where I can stay home and teach. Dual enrolling was a good choice too, because he still gets to ride the bus and be with his friends for a little while in the morning. Austin decided he would like to go to summer school, which will be four mornings a week for I think four weeks. Hopefully some of his friends will be going. And this will be a nice break for us from each other too.


KeepingUpWiththeStones said...

Teresa, I've been enjoying Austin's photoblog. I didn't realize you had a blog that would fill in the details until I clicked on it from Amy's page. I'm sorry he's been sick.

Laura@lifedreamed said...

wishing him the best.

Toni said...

I'm glad they determined what is causing the redness and that it has not ruptured. I'll pray for the best possible outcome regarding surgery and GI tract inflammation.

Loved the perspective you shared on homeschooling, dual enrollment and taking breaks from one another. Good stuff, Teresa.

Thanks for stopping by at the "dumb", lol.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I can't believe it! Praying for this child to get a break from this stuff!!

Laurie said...

Yes, we're praying here, too. Praying for good health!

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