Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home From Vacation

Ahhhh, look at me! I'm getting fancy with the font and color. But more impressive, I've added an awesome picture trail of our vacation at the bottom of my page!

Our vacation was nice. The motel was called Bridges Bay Resort on Lake Okiboji. We had a nice kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms, and baths. It was so nice! We had a patio outside. Probably could have brought another family along with us! The motel had an indoor water park. We also went boating, fishing, shopping, putt-putt golfing, and to Arnold's Park. The park was a little stressful because there really wasn't anything Austin could ride. He rode the farris wheel and that was it. My backup plan was to take him to the Arcade while Amber and Kevin rode rides, but the Arcade was up a flight of stairs and across a bridge. Not accessible whatsoever. Austin is such a trooper though. If it bothered him he couldn't ride the rides, he didn't show it. I think it bothered me more.

Amber is such a water girl. If she had her way, we would have been in a boat the entire time. I think Austin liked it too. The kids also enjoyed fishing. They both caught a bullhead.

It was a nice time. Nothing terribly exciting, but it was so nice to get away for a few days!


Toni said...

Well here you are, a new blogger. And can I just say, blow my pictures out of the water. That picture wheel is OH SO COOL (first time I've seen one).

I'm sorry Austin was unable to ride the rides. My mother's heart ached for him. But he looks like he's having a wonderful time in the photos. And what a beautiful family you have.

juliecache said...

Teresa, saw your post on iahomeschoolers. the picture wheel is very cool.

Vana said...

Theresa, your family is beautiful! I love all the smiles. Great pictures.

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