Friday, August 3, 2007

Spinal Fluid Leak

I took Austin to the doctor this morning. It has been six weeks since his baclofen pump surgery, but he had a small amount of orange-colored fluid leaking from his incision. It was like the size of a pin hole. I only noticed it because there was orange "stuff" on the back of his pants.

Well he was leaking spinal fluid. Evidentally the tissue wasn't quite healed by the time his Steri-Strips came off, and he eventually sprung a leak! They stitched him up and gave us antibiotics "just in case." We don't want an infection again!

This was so bizarre. The physician's assistant asked a gal in the office to come help hold Austin on his side while she stitched his back. I was holding his shoulder area. The PA and I were just chatting away when...bam! The gal holding Austin's legs passed out and fell straight backward! I've never seen anything like it! She hit her head hard on the wall too. The doctor came in and took her in another room to check her out. It was crazy. I guess watching the procedure made her woozy. Supposedly she is starting school next week to be a physician's assistant. I don't know if she is gonna make it?

Austin is suppose to lie on his back as much as possible over the weekend. He is not real happy about it. It will be a movie weekend.

I'm starting to fill out my homeschool paperwork for the school district. I'm also trying to get a schedule and lesson plans organized. Boy, I am gonna be learning right along with Austin when it comes to the bible/social studies/science! It will be fun though. I'm still very excited about it. I had my first phone consultation with our special needs homeschool consultant, Sharon Hensley. She had some nice ideas for me, especially pertaining to comprehension.

We already started our reading program, and Austin is doing SO good with it! I'm very proud of him. And he really LOVES to learn. That helps!

We went shopping for school clothes this week. Austin got a Mario shirt and a Snape shirt (from Harry Potter). Amber got some things from her favorite stores: Hollister, American Eagle, and Pac Sun. Thank goodness there were some sales. That girl needs a job!

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Laura said...

poor austin. a weekend laying on your back is rough and boring. how is he keeping up? not too cranky and sore i hope.

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