Friday, August 17, 2007

Eye Gaze System

Today Austin got his eye gaze system! It is so-00-00 cool! It looks like a minature laptop mounted upright. Underneath the screen is a small camera. The camera reads his eye movements, so he can then use his eye to move the cursor and then dwell for 1 second on the spot he wants to click on. He played tic-tac-toe against the computer and did great!

We have been working on Bible studies and Reading, and this week we added on Math. We worked on some money, time, and calculator. He is doing great. I am so lucky to have such an enthusiastic little learner.

Of course, after "school" he gets to pick a playstation game, and that is a big motivator for him to get his work done!

Tuesday he will get to ride the bus to his adaptive P.E. class. He is very excited about getting on the bus and seeing some of his friends at their new school.

Amber decided to go to her friend's house and dye her hair more blonde. Well, it turned out white with orange stripes (where her low lights were). I about died when she walked in the door! She just couldn't understand why I didn't like it! Ummmm...we all do this at 16 right? I should stay calm as I drag her in to the salon to get it fixed. Gggrrrr.

Sammy is feeling a little better, but he has a ways to go. He will play a little bit now, but he is still sneezing and has goopy eyes.


Laura said...

lol - i think the die job is normal for that age.

Heather K. said...

When I was that age I had gone blond from my natural dark brown. I had been blond for several months when I decided to go auburn. I had pink ends and purple roots. Eek! My mom just told me it was my hair and do with it what I will. Later she told me she hated it, but figured she didn't need to make me feel worse than I did. There was no saving my hair at that point. I cut it short and wore hats until it grew out.

A Servant of the King said...

Hi Teresa, I'm popping over here from The Swap. I'm looking forward to reading about your first year of homeschooling!

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