Saturday, August 11, 2007


We made it home yesterday afternoon. That has to have been our shortest stay ever!

Surgery went well. The doctor found some "grungy" tissue that he sent to the lab. This did not show infection, thank God. He did have it sent in for cultures, however. The doctor thinks because this incision has been open so many times, it just was not healing. When he opened it up, it was just a cavity. Very little blood supply was getting to the area. So he filled the cavity with collagen, and stitched him up heavy duty.

It felt so-oo-oo good to sleep in my own bed last night. Austin is STILL sleeping. I'm sure he is thankful to be sleeping in a quiet room with no one poking at him every half hour.

Immediately after I got home, I took Sammy to the vet. He has been sneezing and wheezing ever since we got home from vacation. Poor baby. He had a 103 degree temperature. Vet says he caught an influenza from the kennel. He got a shot of antibiotics and some pills to take home.

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Laura said...

Glad to hear Austin is back home.

Sammy...Go...Fetch...Hop, Hop, Hop


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