Friday, December 21, 2007

Pilonidal Cyst

Austin had his pilonidal cyst removed last week. He did end up having to stay one night in the hospital. He is suppose to stay off his rear for 10 days, so he has been alternating from bed to loveseat to couch.

I hurt my back lifting him after we first got home. So for the first couple days I was lying around with him! Thankfully, we got a manual lift to use to get him up and around.

Grandma had to go to the hospital this week too. She just suddently lost all her strength and could not get off the couch. We were afraid it might be a stroke, but it wasn't. They are still investigating, trying to figure out what happened. She does seem to be getting better hopefully she can get back to her normal self.

I let Amber, her friend Megan, and Austin open one of their presents tonight. I got Amber and Megan flannel jammies and slippers from Victoria's Secret. Megan's were donuts...because they are obsessed with donuts! Austin opened a new Playstation 2 game: "The Family Fued." We haven't played it yet. He is too hooked on Mario Galaxy.

Went to the store today and bought stuff for baking day...which will be Sunday. I don't usually bake for Christmas, and my oven runs too hot, so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully it will all turn out okay.

Austin's bus driver stopped by the house this afternoon and dropped off a gift for Austin. It is a yellow t-shirt with a bus on it, which has a #1 (like his) and it has his name on it. That was so-oo-oo sweet. He loves it!

We are going to my brother's house for Christmas Eve and Kevin's sister's house for Christmas. Then it is off to the Mall of America! Hopefully Austin's rump will be okay by then!

To everyone in blogger land MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Laura@lifedreamed said...

hope you and your family have a very merry christmas.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

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