Sunday, December 2, 2007

BAD Blogger

Boy, I have been a BAD blogger lately! Too much going on I guess!

Austin is doing better. He had his followup visit with Infectious Disease and with Ortho. His sed rate is almost back to normal. He is going for an ultrasound tomorrow. He is getting along fine with his IV antibiotics.

I've decided to try some different things for homeschooling through December. We just began a Grapevine study on "The Birth of Jesus." We also just started an online program called Time4Learning for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. We are taking a break from Weaver, but still working lightly on Edmark Reading and time and money skills. Austin met his goals I had set for him due mid November! He is reading around 80 words, can tell time to the half hour, knows the names and values of all the coins, is typing/copying reading words with 100% accuracy and typing 5 simple spelling words with NO assistance. He is also now completing quizes on Boardmaker with 80-100% accuracy. I AM SO PROUD OF US!

Amber is doing well. The hair color of the month is white with very dark brown stripes. Oh my. I'm hoping the dark brown fades out some. She still is not driving. Actually, she lost her license for 30 days because of the accident and speeding ticket. I guess I'd really rather she not be driving through winter anyway. Josie, the hamster is still alive and still seems to hear okay.

The pups are back in their sweaters. They went to the groomer and came home shakin and shivering! It has been so-oo-oo cold the last couple days!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the cold weather. At the moment here it is 47C ( mid-north of Australia), and it is sooooo hot!

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